Introduction :

RRPK is a non-governmental, nonprofit making social development organization.            RRPK was established in 2061 BS (2004 AD) by a team of active professionals with long experience in the field of integrated community development, specifically community organization, health and disability, HIV and AIDS, Community forestry, micro-finance, gender and empowerment, good governance, child rights, Livelihood, Safe Migration, DRR and WASH. RRPK is registered under Society Registration Act, 2034, at the District Administration Office of Sarlahi.It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) Nepal and a member of NGOCC and Federation Sarlahi. RRPK started its social development programme in Sarlahi district from 2005.


Creation of an inclusive, justice and prosperous self-reliant society.


To play a lead role as a resource organization at community,   district, province   and national level to create a peaceful, result-  oriented and resourceful equitable society.

Goal :

To play an effective role to promote safer migration, gender friendly   society, child and disabled friendly environment, climate friendly   sustainable agriculture, improvement in health and   nutrition, safe   drinking water and sanitation by providing technical   support to the   provincial and local government to achieve   sustainable development   goal.

Objectives :

  • To be established as a national level civil society organization by playing a   lead role to build a society enjoying the economic, social, cultural, civil and   political rights.
  • Collaborate with the province and local governments to establish Gender and   Social Inclusion (GESI) and Women and child development as a primary   development agenda.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the local, provincial and central   government   to create an environment for employment in the country   and carry out policy advocacy to make the foreign labour migration   safe and dignified. 
  • To implement the capacity building and infrastructure development   activities   at the community level to create an opportunity for quality   education and   employment/self-employment for poor and socially   excluded people.
  • Study and research related to current development issues for evidence based policy   advocacy and influencing.
  • To organize training and seminars related to social development and life skills for learning   and   sharing. To train and supply skilled trainers.
  • To conduct awareness program and infrastructure development activities to promote   reproductive health, safer motherhood, nutrition, safe drinking water as well as   sanitation.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the government at central, provincial and local level for old aged people (senior citizen) and disabled friendly development initiatives.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the provincial and local government for the community based disaster management and climate friendly development.
  • To raise and mobilize funds for community development programs and organizational development activities.